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Jon and Rachel’s Montecito, Nuvali Wedding

Jon Yulo and Rachel Teotico

I think it was Jojit, their coordinator, who said that it’s interesting how Jon looks different in photos with Rachel, more carefree and happy, and I get that. We first met them over lunch in Greenbelt, and Jon struck me as someone quiet and serious. But seeing their travel photos and actually taking pictures of them together, it’s amazing how he lightens up so much around her. Rachel’s so full of life, and she really just lights up every room she’s in. And in a way, I think Jon keeps Rachel centered and grounded. They complement each other so beautifully.

These crazy kids tied the knot a bit over a week ago. And when we say crazy, we do say it with utmost affection. These people know how to party. Lots of favorites in this wedding, particularly: the print of a watercolor painting of the proposal in Japan made by the couple’s friend (Paulina Ortega), Rachel’s crazy dance, the mother and daughter hug, a photo of one of the most animated brides inside a car that I’ve shot in quite some time, and the rockeoke at the reception. And so much more, really. Jeff and I usually try to trim it down to 60 photos per wedding to make it easier to load online, but I couldn’t bring myself to remove any more photos here. I’m way too attached to these now. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as we did taking them.

Jon and Rachel, we had such a blast at your wedding! Hope you’re having the time of your lives in Japan. Happy honeymooning, lovebirds!

Jon and Rachel 02Jon and Rachel 03Jon and Rachel 04Jon and Rachel 05Jon and Rachel 06Jon and Rachel 07Jon and Rachel 08Jon and Rachel 09Jon and Rachel 10Jon and Rachel 11Jon and Rachel 12Jon and Rachel 13Jon and Rachel 14Jon and Rachel 15Jon and Rachel 16Jon and Rachel 18Jon and Rachel 19Jon and Rachel 20Jon and Rachel 21Jon and Rachel 22Jon and Rachel 23Jon and Rachel 25Jon and Rachel 26Jon and Rachel 27Jon and Rachel 28Jon and Rachel 29Jon and Rachel 30Jon and Rachel 31Jon and Rachel 32Jon and Rachel 33Jon and Rachel 34Jon and Rachel 35Jon and Rachel 36Jon and Rachel 37Jon and Rachel 38Jon and Rachel 39Jon and Rachel 40Jon and Rachel 41Jon and Rachel 42Jon and Rachel 43Jon and Rachel 44Jon and Rachel 45Jon and Rachel 46Jon and Rachel 47Jon and Rachel 48Jon and Rachel 49Jon and Rachel 50Jon and Rachel 51Jon and Rachel 52Jon and Rachel 53Jon and Rachel 54Jon and Rachel 55Jon and Rachel 56Jon and Rachel 57Jon and Rachel 58Jon and Rachel 59Jon and Rachel 60Jon and Rachel 61Jon and Rachel 62Jon and Rachel 63Jon and Rachel 64Jon and Rachel 65Jon and Rachel 66Jon and Rachel 67Jon and Rachel 68Jon and Rachel 69Jon and Rachel 70Jon and Rachel 72Jon and Rachel 73Jon and Rachel 74Jon and Rachel 75Jon and Rachel 76Jon and Rachel 77Jon and Rachel 78

Church: Montecito Chapel, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa | Reception venue: Montecito Clubhouse | Coordination: The 3rd Party | Entourage Flowers and Event Styling: Flowers From Linda | Videography: Threelogy | Hair and makeup: Jen Delica | Bridal Gown: Kristel Yulo

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  • Jeff of Green and Purple Photos - there’s nothing as beautiful as authenticity and you two made the point clearly here!April 8, 2014 – 9:59 amReplyCancel

  • Nanette Sunico - Quite elegant and nice wedding. I super like it.April 9, 2014 – 6:57 amReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - Very Natural and one of a kindApril 14, 2014 – 3:22 pmReplyCancel

Nicco and Erica’s Tagaytay Wedding

We remember every single wedding we’ve ever shot. We can tell you our favorite photos from each one, what the weather was like that day, maybe some funny parts, small things about the couple that stood out, and the moments that touched us and/or made me cry. For people with admittedly very bad memory, I like to think of that as some sort of accomplishment. Jeff and I have been shooting weddings for almost six years now. That’s hundreds of couples. Hundreds of loves. We hold on to these stories dearly. And I love how so many stories of love intersect with ours.

Nicco and Erika 60

Nicco and Erica’s wedding was on the day after a typhoon of epic proportions. I remember arriving at a very busy house. People were hosing off storm debris, cleaning the pool, installing a tent, arranging flowers. I remember wanting to hug Jets and Rhona, who had the daunting task of coordinating the day. I’m sure they were under a lot of pressure and while they pulled it off amazingly well, on that morning, none of us were certain the storm was over and what the rest of the day was going to be like. All we knew was that Nicco and Erica were going to get married that day, and we were going to be there with them through it all. Gideon Hermosa‘s team arrived way before dawn to work on the flowers. Veluz‘s team was bright and early, Mickey See was already working his magic when we got there, and Jason Magbanua and his team arrived in full force as well.

Over bridal preps, I recounted the time when we met these two. We found out Nicco’s a filmmaker and they both like good coffee, and kind of hit it off from there. Jeff and I are huge film buffs. Erica and I followed each other on Instagram at some point, and I’m always charmed by the things she posts. Somewhere along the way since we first met, Nicco somehow became this celebrity photographer with a cult following online, and wouldn’t you know it, we love his work. Talk about pressure. But we had an amazing time shooting these two. And when Erica smiled so happily and Nicco flashed me two thumbs up right after we screened the on-site AVP, I think I beamed so much, I was a freaking light source.

Nicco and Erica, the trip to your wedding was a bit of an adventure, but the day was all sorts of wonderful, and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And “I promise to love you even when you are being a hipster” is probably one of my favorite and one of the most apt lines from all the vows we’ve ever heard. Haha. You two are beautiful together. It was an honor to be there with you that day. Love, always.

Nicco and Erika 02Nicco and Erika 03Nicco and Erika 04Nicco and Erika 05Nicco and Erika 06Nicco and Erika 07Nicco and Erika 08Nicco and Erika 09Nicco and Erika 10Nicco and Erika 11Nicco and Erika 12Nicco and Erika 13Nicco and Erika 14Nicco and Erika 15Nicco and Erika 16Nicco and Erika 17Nicco and Erika 18Nicco and Erika 19Nicco and Erika 20Nicco and Erika 21Nicco and Erika 22Nicco and Erika 23Nicco and Erika 24Nicco and Erika 25Nicco and Erika 26Nicco and Erika 27Nicco and Erika 28Nicco and Erika 29Nicco and Erika 30Nicco and Erika 31Nicco and Erika 32Nicco and Erika 33Nicco and Erika 34Nicco and Erika 35Nicco and Erika 36Nicco and Erika 37Nicco and Erika 38Nicco and Erika 39Nicco and Erika 40Nicco and Erika 41Nicco and Erika 42Nicco and Erika 43Nicco and Erika 44Nicco and Erika 45Nicco and Erika 46Nicco and Erika 47Nicco and Erika 48Nicco and Erika 49Nicco and Erika 50Nicco and Erika 51Nicco and Erika 52Nicco and Erika 53Nicco and Erika 54Nicco and Erika 55Nicco and Erika 56Nicco and Erika 57Nicco and Erika 58Nicco and Erika 59Nicco and Erika 61Nicco and Erika 62Nicco and Erika 63Nicco and Erika 64Nicco and Erika 65Nicco and Erika 66Nicco and Erika 67Nicco and Erika 68Nicco and Erika 69Nicco and Erika 70Nicco and Erika 71Nicco and Erika 72Nicco and Erika 73Nicco and Erika 74Nicco and Erika 75Nicco and Erika 76

Preps and Reception Venue: private residence of the couple’s relatives in Tagaytay | Church: St. Benedict Church, Ayala Westgrove, Nuvali | Coordination: Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona | Entourage Flowers and Event Styling: Gideon Hermosa | Videography: Jason Magbanua | Hair and makeup: Mickey See | Bridal Gown: Veluz

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Marc and Alicia’s Coron Engagement Shoot

Marc and Alicia got married last weekend. It was all sorts of lovely, and I can’t wait to blog about it (along with many other weddings that I’ll hopefully get around to blogging soon). But for now, I want to share their engagement session last month, shot in Coron, Palawan. It was Jeff’s and my first time there, and it was so much more beautiful than I had imagined, it took my breath away. Jesy Alto did Alicia’s makeup, and Chris Rodil did their hair, and the trip and shoot were doubly fun because of the wonderful company.

Marc got us a boat for the shoot, and I was like a little kid in Disneyland for the first time, pointing at random islands, all wide-eyed and saying, “I want to shoot there next.” I think I might have been clapping my hands in excitement, or maybe it was just in my head, I can’t be too sure anymore. The beaches were stunning, and the water so clear. We had such an amazing time there.

But more than anything, truly, it was such a great way to get to know them. In those three days that we all spent together, we got to see how sweet they are with each other, how much Marc looks after Alicia, how she looks at him with all the love in the world, and how he’d pretty much do anything to make her happy. They grew to be really comfortable around us, and just let loose and have fun. We miss them terribly, and will always keep a soft little spot in our hearts for these two.

Here’s love.

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  • melissa fox - Lovely images. they look really relaxed and happy :) sooo enchanting!March 20, 2014 – 11:40 amReplyCancel

  • NYC Photographer | Couture Boudoir - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Everything form the location to the couple is amazing!March 29, 2014 – 12:26 amReplyCancel