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We first met Anton and Ana over Skype, as they were planning their Tagaytay wedding all the way from New York. I remember being smitten with Ana immediately, because really, that smile. I don’t even need to say more. Watching people and getting a feel for them and what makes them tick is second nature to me and Jeff now, but Anton was a little difficult to read. He was quiet the entire time, and cooking. I would later find out on the day of the wedding that he’s a chef. Lovely how they were able to build that into the wedding with some well thought out details.

I wasn’t able to meet them in person before the wedding, but I was very excited for it. Ana happens to be friends with two of our former brides (and as I would find out nearer the day, three!), and she sent us an email with their inspiration for the look and feel of their wedding, which was of all things, an apartment. That was a first. And as we went through the photos of the arts district loft, it felt cozy, comfortable, and organic. So much to look forward to! And it didn’t disappoint one bit.

The day was chill and laid-back. Ana was stunning, and a total trooper. It rained just before she walked down the aisle, but it didn’t matter. Everyone was in such high spirits and dancing. So much dancing. And at the end of the day, after the on-site photo slideshow was shown and the program ended, we said our goodbyes. To my surprise, Anton gave me a giant bear hug, told us he loved the photos and that if we ever find ourselves in New York, he was going to take care of us and feed us. Coming from a chef, I’d say that’s a very high honor. Haha. We drove back to Manila with huge smiles on our faces. Good vibes all around.

Anton and Ana, thank you for having us, and even more, your trust in our work. It means a lot. I’ve always believed that good things happen when they should, in their own time. I will always remember you both and how you ended up together when I think of that. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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Bridal gown: Carolina Herrera | Preparations and reception venue: Angelfields, Tagaytay | Church: San Antonio de Padua | Entourage flowers and event styling: Zenas Pineda | Planner: Marge Montemayor | Hair and Makeup: Xeng Zulueta | Videographer: Threelogy | Catering: Cibo with Paella courtesy of Cyma | Entourage dresses: Charina Sarte | Lights and sounds: J.S. Mina | Band: True Faith | DJ: Miguel Santillan

“Tell me a story.”

During our freshman year in college, we’d often find ourselves lying down on his bedroom floor, listening to his mix tapes. I’d ask him to tell me stories of his childhood, of his life before me, of random things that happened to him that day. Since then, he’s been telling me stories. At some point over the years, he would tell me that I know all his stories already, that I’ve heard them all before, but I don’t care. He’s the best storyteller I know. It feels the same, and his voice soothes me all the same. I would fall asleep wrapped in the sound of his voice, feeling absolutely safe.

That first night when we moved into our tiny condo in Katipunan, when all we had was a bed, a fridge, an electric fan, and an old TV, we were the happiest we’ve ever been in our lives thus far. It wasn’t much, but it was ours. His and mine. We had each other, and a place to call our own. He asked me to dance, and I cried in his arms because the happiness I felt was more than my body knew how to hold. And as we went to sleep, I asked him to tell me a story, as I always do.

Ten years later, we have a 3 year old boy who loves books and stories every bit as much as we do. He runs to his father with books piled up in his arms, asking him to read them. They’ve been reading together ever since Cor was only two weeks old. I read to our son, too, but that has always been something they’ve shared more, and it makes my insides flip watching them together — the man I love and this boy of ours, reminding me that I’ve never really needed more in life than this. Love and stories. And as each day winds down and we settle down in bed, as I’ve said thousands of times before, I hear my son’s little voice asking his father, “Tell me a story.” And everything is all right with my world.

  • crisJune 26, 2015 - 9:35 am

    such moving words, you write with such heart. lucky boys, those boys. :)ReplyCancel

    • LisaJune 26, 2015 - 12:45 pm

      Thanks, Cris! ♥ Nah, I’m the lucky one. :)ReplyCancel

Carlo and Patricia 001

Jeff and I remember Carlo and Patricia’s wedding as the elegant intimate wedding with hundreds of guests. I know that sounds strange, using the word “intimate” for a large wedding, but going through the photos, these were people who genuinely loved them and celebrated with them. So maybe intimate has nothing to do with the number, but with how much you are loved by the people around you, and they just happen to have many who do.

I adore Patricia. I light up every time I see her. She told me about her work while we were in her bridal car outside the church, and she spoke about it with so much passion, I got a wee bit choked up. Here is a strong, capable woman who had a fantastic career in investment banking in New York who came back to Manila to work for Teach for the Philippines. She’s doing great work inspiring teachers to stay and teach for a couple of years in public schools all over the country, instead of seeking employment overseas, helping provide quality education for all. And instead of the usual wedding tokens (that, let’s admit, most people just end up throwing away anyway), she and Carlo decided to donate books to public school libraries.

And her dad might just be my favorite father of the bride to date. The way his three daughters adore him is moving. I remember him being pensive and sitting quietly during bridal preps, as if dealing with the immensity of the day, of him giving his little girl away. But at the church, when he walked her down the aisle, he was nothing but proud and happy for her. If he cried, I’m pretty sure I would have bawled behind the camera.

Carlo and Patricia, you are loved by so many because of the goodness of your hearts. The two of you are perfect together, and I just know you’re going to live a long and happy life filled with laughter, Disney songs, and Christmas carols all year round. Haha. Thank you for sharing this day with us. ♥

Carlo and Patricia 002Carlo and Patricia 003Carlo and Patricia 004Carlo and Patricia 005Carlo and Patricia 006Carlo and Patricia 007Carlo and Patricia 008Carlo and Patricia 009Carlo and Patricia 010Carlo and Patricia 011Carlo and Patricia 012Carlo and Patricia 013Carlo and Patricia 014Carlo and Patricia 015Carlo and Patricia 016Carlo and Patricia 017Carlo and Patricia 018Carlo and Patricia 019Carlo and Patricia 020Carlo and Patricia 021Carlo and Patricia 022Carlo and Patricia 023Carlo and Patricia 024Carlo and Patricia 025Carlo and Patricia 026Carlo and Patricia 027Carlo and Patricia 028Carlo and Patricia 029Carlo and Patricia 030Carlo and Patricia 031Carlo and Patricia 032Carlo and Patricia 033Carlo and Patricia 034Carlo and Patricia 035Carlo and Patricia 036Carlo and Patricia 037Carlo and Patricia 038Carlo and Patricia 039Carlo and Patricia 040Carlo and Patricia 041Carlo and Patricia 042Carlo and Patricia 043Carlo and Patricia 044Carlo and Patricia 045Carlo and Patricia 046Carlo and Patricia 047Carlo and Patricia 048Carlo and Patricia 049Carlo and Patricia 050Carlo and Patricia 051Carlo and Patricia 052Carlo and Patricia 053Carlo and Patricia 054Carlo and Patricia 055Carlo and Patricia 056Carlo and Patricia 057Carlo and Patricia 058Carlo and Patricia 059Carlo and Patricia 062Carlo and Patricia 063Carlo and Patricia 064Carlo and Patricia 066Carlo and Patricia 067Carlo and Patricia 068Carlo and Patricia 069Carlo and Patricia 070Carlo and Patricia 071Carlo and Patricia 060Carlo and Patricia 072Carlo and Patricia 061Carlo and Patricia 074Carlo and Patricia 065Carlo and Patricia 073

Bridal preps and reception venue: Makati Shangri-La | Church: Santuario de San Antonio | Planner: Chinkie Uy Agregado | Hair by Jay Aquino, make-up by Ixi Castillo | Entourage make-up by Chinky Tanjangco | Entourage flowers and event styling: Nikki Chatto | Lights and sounds: Mariano Tan | Invitations: Ever Engraving | Giveaways: Adarna books | Music: Manila Symphony Orchestra | Soloists: Jenny Tolentino of Hangad, Job Sebastian | Videographer: Notion in Motion