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  • Hi! We are Jeff and Lisa Llarena. On any given day, our home smells like freshly brewed coffee, books, and most likely, bacon. We share it with a 6-year-old adventurer named Corwin, way too many books, never enough records, and whichever plants Lisa hasn’t killed yet. We love traveling, and even better, the feeling of coming home.

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Francis and Maui’s Wedding

We see the world in images and words. Stories. Photographs should be able to speak for themselves, but when you have the right words too, embrace them. Own them. They allow for more depth, nuance, and gravity. There is nothing I can say that will>>

The Folkman Fam

I’ve been following Amber of @amommabroad on Instagram for over two years now. She blogs on A Momma Abroad as well, and probably knows Manila better than most of us locals do. I’ve been seeing her IG updates for so long that I kind of>>

Dom and Joyce’s Wedding

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” ― The Chaos of Stars / Dom and Joyce were surrounded by overflowing love from family and friends last Saturday. Jeff and I>>

Kendrick and Nissan’s Engagement Shoot

This was a fun afternoon spent at Antipolo Beehouse. We love how Ken and Nissan can go from silly to romantic in a hot second. There’s an ease and comfort to couples who have been together for a long time. They fall into place easily with each>>

Brylle and Abby’s Wedding

Abby was not allowed to have a boyfriend before she graduated college. She asked Brylle if he could wait. He waited. A few years down the line, he moved to Singapore for work and asked her to move there with him. She chose to stay in Manila because>>

Richmond and Elaine + Sage

Jeff and I spent a quiet, cozy morning with this little family in their home recently. We shot Richmond and Elaine’s wedding last January 2016, and now they’re a family of three. It felt wonderful to see them as parents, and Sage was so>>

To Remember

When I was 16 and we were a few months into the relationship, I used to write my name on Jeff’s hands and arms. Writing has always helped me make sense of the world, and I wanted to see if my name on his skin made sense, this boy who read me poetry>>

Ryan and Katrina’s Wedding

This gorgeous couple met on an online dating app called OKCupid. Katrina cancelled their first date, but Ryan asked again. Funny how fate and persistence go hand in hand. Within the first few months of dating, they went clay shooting, skydiving,>>

Michael and Mita’s Wedding

Chicago-based doctors Michael and Mita tied the knot a second time here in Manila. Between their busy work schedule and planning a destination wedding, they had their hands full on their first year of marriage. But they make a great team and>>

Jericson and Sharlene’s Wedding

If you had a hard time finding a good drink last Saturday night, it’s because all the awesome bartenders were serving them at this wedding. Jericson is one of the men behind The Curator, this hipster third wave coffee shop slash speakeasy,>>

Christopher and Giann’s Wedding

Chris and Giann met on their joint high school tour of China, a trip Chris didn’t even want to go on at first. Thankfully, his parents convinced him to go. What are the chances of meeting the love of your life in another country altogether>>

Neil and Tegan + Ibby and Edward — Sydney, Australia

And now they’re a family of four. We’ve shot Neil and Tegan’s engagement shoot and wedding in Manila, and their family portraits in Sydney when Tegan was still pregnant with Edward. A few weeks ago, we finally got to meet the>>

Jeffrey and Regina’s Tagaytay Wedding

When you know she’s the one, you fly off and follow her to another country where she’s pursuing further studies. Well, that was what Jeffrey did. And he married her last Sunday. Regina is incredibly beautiful, but it’s the way>>

Douglas and Laura’s Wedding

You might remember this couple from their Coron engagement shoot. We’re definitely still not over that one. Douglas and Laura tied the knot with a grand city wedding at Makati Shangri-la. All the lovely little details had me swooning.>>

Ben and Kate’s Batanes Wedding

This wedding is the perfect example of a wedding being so much more than the weather and the place, no matter how dreadful or breathtaking. Ben and Kate’s wedding was amazing because of Ben and Kate. The day before their wedding, the plane>>

Arthur and Tina’s Engagement Shoot — Tokyo, Japan

Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment. — Ellis Peters / We usually shoot in Japan twice a year, during spring and autumn. It never gets old. No matter how many times you’ve seen cherry blossoms in full bloom before, it>>