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Category Archives: Engagement Portraits

Mark and Melissa’s Day After Shoot – Kyoto, Japan

Jeff and I love shooting Day After sessions. These are post-wedding shoots that typically happen a few days or even weeks after the couple’s wedding. There’s a level of comfort and ease there, and a carefree excitement that comes with having the wedding preparations completely behind them now, and being giddy newlyweds who are madly in love. We met up with Mark and Melissa in Kyoto just a week after their wedding, and it was perfect. Japan has always been special to us since theView full post »

Paul and Karyn’s Melbourne Engagement Shoot

Three weeks ago, we had the pleasure of flying off to Melbourne to shoot Paul and Karyn’s engagement session. We fell in love with Sydney when we shot there a few months ago, and were looking forward to visiting Melbourne. Everyone’s been raving about the coffee, and they seriously weren’t exaggerating. The coffee was so good in all these charming little hipster cafes, Jeff and I were having 3-4 cups a day. Each. Probably not the healthiest choice, but it was just that good.View full post »

Henrik and Ria’s Hong Kong Engagement Shoot

Hong Kong means a lot to us and we’re usually there twice a year to shoot, so it’s pretty familiar, but Henrik and Ria showed us a Hong Kong we’ve never seen before. Well, technically, just Jeff this time. If you’ve been following the recent blog updates, I missed this trip, sadly. But I was getting updates and sneak peeks from him during breaks, it almost felt like I was there. That, and I’ve been having so much fun editing these sets! They took a few photos inView full post »

Matthew and Annalyn’s Hong Kong Engagement Shoot

Jeff had to go to Hong Kong for a couple of shoots without me last week. I had to sit this trip out because I broke my leg last month and am still recovering from the operation. (No worries, I’ll be back on my feet soon!) Hundreds of iMessages (mostly of weepy emoji faces from me because I wanted to be there, haha), two awesome shoots, and two days later, Jeff came home and gave me the hugs I needed. He’s the main photographer, and I second shoot and edit. I always love editing hisView full post »

Ralph and Paula’s Sydney, Australia Engagement Shoot

There are people you just hit it off with right from the start. Ralph and Paula would be two of those people for us. Paula and I got to email a bit, and since we’ve been friends on both Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been finding out that we love pretty much the same things. Meeting them both for the first time was pretty awesome, and I remember not being able to contain myself and skipping towards her and giving her a hug. I adore Paula. She’s so nice and sweet and hasView full post »

Jovi and Joan’s Engagement Shoot and Wedding

We shot Jovi and Joan’s engagement shoot at Tagaytay Highlands a few weeks before their wedding. Jeff and I can’t get enough of these two! We hit it off on musical inclinations and a shared soft spot for vinyl records alone, but taking pictures of them is seriously bordering on addicting. They tied the knot just three weeks ago in a chill and laid-back Boho-Rock themed wedding, which was so perfectly them. Lots of pretty details to swoon over, but more than anything, so muchView full post »