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Daniel and Gerlinde’s Iloilo Wedding

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Daniel and Gerlinde’s wedding was our second in Iloilo this year, a place we always associate with good food and gentle people. This wedding was held outside of the city proper, in the small town of Tigbauan, at Gerlinde’s family’s beach resort. So much space to run around in! Everyone was so lively and cheeky and fun to shoot. Gerlinde was both adorable and dropdead gorgeous in her Vania Romoff gown, and lit up the room with her warmth.

These two spend their days moving between Frankfurt and Washington, D.C. and London, but wanted to get married here in the Philippines where Gerlinde’s parents got married. Jeff and I fell in love with Miag-ao Church the moment we laid eyes on it. It’s breathtaking. This baroque fortress church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Daniel and Gerlinde, thanks for flying us in from Manila and sharing your big day with us! We truly appreciate the trust. It was difficult putting this blog post together as I usually limit it to 70 photos each, but I couldn’t bring myself to remove any more, so we’re at 81 here. Or 82. Something like that. Haha. Much love, and safe travels!

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Bridal preps venue: Bearland Paradise Resort | Church: Miag-ao Church | Reception Venue: Casa Blanca by Bearland | Dress: Vania Romoff | Coordinator: Not Just a Box Events | Videographer: Lula Films | Entourage gowns: Djohn Clement | Hair and makeup: Nicole Pastrano | Bridal and entourage robes / Groom and groomsmen’s bowties: Anthill Fabric Gallery | Florist: LGe Iloilo Wedding Florist | Wedding invitation designer: Julie Sbicca | Wedding invitation printer: Typecase Industries in Washington, D.C.

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