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Popo and Jolene’s Baguio Wedding

Baguio weddingBaguio weddingBaguio weddingPopo and Jolene

I watched their on-site slideshow play on the big LED screen at the end of the reception program, from the very back of the ballroom. Even from behind the couple, I saw them laugh and cry through it all, and I was thankful for the dark because I had the silliest, widest grin on my face, had goosebumps all over, and was on the verge of crying all at once. Jeff was at the tech booth playing it, so I couldn’t get a hug just yet. Haha.

Nine years into this and we’re still growing and producing our very best work to date. Even after all this time, we feel it — that same rush of blood to the head, that purpose, that sheer love of this crazy, wonderful thing we do together. I always say we’re lucky to keep most of our clients as friends, but I should mention it too, how proud I am of our team and our teamwork.

My heart skips a beat watching the photos on the big screen at the end of the day. I hold my breath. And seeing how the couple takes it all in, and sees and feels exactly how we saw it, means the world to us at that exact moment. Last Saturday was perfect, and my heart is full.

I usually prefer sharing individual photographs on blog posts, but I want to post Popo and Jolene’s the way they saw it that night. Popo and Jolene, thank you for the trust, and for the lovely respite from the Manila summer heat! Wishing you every joy and happiness.

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Preparations and reception venue: Baguio Country Club | Church: St. Ignatius Chapel, PMA | Bridal gown: Kristel Yulo | Hair: Ogie Rayel | Makeup: Angie Cruz | Planner: Viva la Events | Videographer: Jake Olaso

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