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Ben and Kate’s Batanes Wedding

This wedding is the perfect example of a wedding being so much more than the weather and the place, no matter how dreadful or breathtaking. Ben and Kate’s wedding was amazing because of Ben and Kate.

Batanes wedding 01Batanes wedding 02

The day before their wedding, the plane carrying their suppliers and some relatives and friends circled Batanes and couldn’t land because of the storm. There was zero visibility on the runway, and they had to fly all the way back to Manila. They had to take a flight to Tuguegarao to take a small delivery plane back to Basco. One of them said that the turbulence was so bad that they were praying to all the saints already, even to Santa Claus. Lol.

It was moving, how genuinely happy Ben and Kate were despite the rains and biting wind. They were laughing and having fun, and from that, everyone took their cue. This reminded us once again of how the mood and tone of the entire wedding day rests on the bride’s disposition. Kate was absolutely radiant in her joy and laughter, and it was more than enough warmth for everyone. She called it a perfect day, and just like that, it was.

Ben and Kate, thank you for this wild adventure. The team had the best time shooting you guys. I hope you know how much all your suppliers adore you, and how we are big fans of your love. Wishing you all this happiness for the rest of your lives.

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Bridal preparations and reception venue: Fundacion Pacita, Basco, Batanes | Church: Tukon Chapel | Entourage flowers: Vatel Manila | Hair and makeup: Ara Fernando | Planner: Empire Weddings | Videographer: Notion in Motion

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