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Brylle and Abby’s Wedding

Abby was not allowed to have a boyfriend before she graduated college. She asked Brylle if he could wait. He waited. A few years down the line, he moved to Singapore for work and asked her to move there with him. She chose to stay in Manila because her work was here, and she had promises to her family to keep. He understood, and waited again.

After 9 years of being together, they tied the knot over the weekend. Twice, to be sure. Lol. They had two ceremonies — one Catholic and one Christian. Lots of laughter and love here, and pretty travel details to boot.

We had quick sunset portraits on a yacht afterwards. They mentioned they prayed really hard for good weather, and I joked that they may have overdone it because it was a particularly hot and sunny day. Even as I said it though, there were storm clouds in the distance and we could hear thunder. The winds were strong and the captain was having a difficult time docking the yacht. It was a long wait and we couldn’t shoot at all on the dock in the meantime, because the guards would not allow it. We all tried to make light of the situation while collectively holding our breath.

As luck would have it, we managed to board just in time, and then the sky decided to show off and give us one of the most amazing sunsets we’ve had in recent memory.

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Bridal preps: Manila Diamond Hotel | Church: Basílica Menor de San Sebastián | Reception: Palacio de Manila | Videographer: Treehouse Story | Coordinator: A Cord of Three Event Specialists | Bridal gown: Nino Angeles | Hair and makeup: Julie Profugo | Music: Sound Salad | Master of Ceremonies: Darlene Tan-Salazar

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