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Kendrick and Nissan’s Engagement Shoot

This was a fun afternoon spent at Antipolo Beehouse. We love how Ken and Nissan can go from silly to romantic in a hot second. There’s an ease and comfort to couples who have been together for a long time. They fall into place easily with each other, as if their limbs have known forever where to go, where they belong.

Antipolo Engagement 01Antipolo Engagement 02Antipolo Engagement 03Antipolo Engagement 04Antipolo Engagement 05Antipolo Engagement 06Antipolo Engagement 07Antipolo Engagement 09Antipolo Engagement 10Antipolo Engagement 11Antipolo Engagement 12Antipolo Engagement 13Antipolo Engagement 14Antipolo Engagement 15Antipolo Engagement 16Antipolo Engagement 17Antipolo Engagement 18Antipolo Engagement 19Antipolo Engagement 20Antipolo Engagement 21Antipolo Engagement 22Antipolo Engagement 23Antipolo Engagement 24Antipolo Engagement 25Antipolo Engagement 26Antipolo Engagement 27Antipolo Engagement 28Antipolo Engagement 29Antipolo Engagement 30Antipolo Engagement 31Antipolo Engagement 32Antipolo Engagement 33Antipolo Engagement 34Antipolo Engagement 35Antipolo Engagement 36

Hair and makeup by Jelly Eugenio | Styling by Jeff Galang

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