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The Folkman Fam

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I’ve been following Amber of @amommabroad on Instagram for over two years now. She blogs on A Momma Abroad as well, and probably knows Manila better than most of us locals do. I’ve been seeing her IG updates for so long that I kind of felt like I already knew her going in. I knew her boys were adorable, but apparently, I had no idea how much.

The energy in their house is something else. Jeff and I have one active little boy. They have THREE. Wild. Amber calls it a circus affectionately. Joyous shrieks and laughter fill the space. I ate it all up, and I think I had hearts in my eyes the entire time. I would have followed little Wells pretty much anywhere. The moment he spoke to me and introduced himself as Batman, I was a goner. Such a sweetheart.

Oz can do somersaults while holding three lollipops without any of them touching the couch. Aaker, the eldest and boss of the other two (he said so), can discuss the pros and cons of each Nerf gun model. And takes the top bunk, natch. I geeked out with the older boys over Harry Potter for a bit while they showed me around.

Above all of it though, we adore the humor and grace with which Jake and Amber take the madness of parenting in stride. They’re amazing with the boys. We always set out to shoot something genuine and real, and we got it in spades here. Everyday life is beautiful.

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