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Michael and Anna’s Wedding

I pride myself in the fact that I remember every single wedding we’ve covered. This is no small feat, especially for someone with admittedly poor memory. But above all else, what I find I remember the most is how a wedding made me feel. I am an emotional shooter. This is one of the reasons why Jeff is the boss. Jeff is steady, cool, and unflappable. He is all about consistently excellent work every. single. time. My work is greatly influenced by and tied to one thing: how the bride is feeling. I always tell our brides to plan everything to the smallest detail if she has to, but on the day of their wedding, let go and have fun. The bride’s mood and personality are the things I draw the most inspiration from. Not just that, they are what sets the tone for the entire day for everybody else in the room, too.

If you ask me which weddings I remember most fondly, I always say it’s the ones where I felt so much joy shooting that I still talk about it excitedly when we get home. It’s the ones where the brides were radiating so much love and happiness that I could actually feel it in my fingers, and see it light up the entire room. Thankfully, we have a healthy supply of those.

This was one of those weddings. I smiled so much during Mike and Anna’s wedding that my face actually hurt. I remember remarking to Jeff quite a few times throughout the day, “She’s so happy.” She was radiant. And I knew that he loved her immensely because of how he was with her, and that she knew this in her heart as unshakable truth. It was written all over her face. Mike and Anna, it was an honor to be there with you on your wedding day. Jeff and I consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have been a part of it. May you always know love like this.

Preps Venue: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel | Church: Holy Family Parish | Reception: The Mango Farm | Makeup Artist: Mayone Bakunawa | Coordination: Janice Dadap | Entourage Flowers: Sabrina Poon | Bridal Gown: Niko Hernandez | Video: Cinemaworks

  • RoseFebruary 11, 2013 - 12:03 pm

    A bungisngis like me! :P Love the happy pictures! Congratulations & best wishes to the happy couple :)ReplyCancel

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