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JV and Tata’s Montecito Wedding

Tanjuatco-Mapa 01

On the morning of JV and Tata’s wedding, I learned that Tata was the first Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine here in the Philippines. I needed a good few minutes to let that sink in. I think I freaked out for a little bit. In our seven years of shooting weddings, this has been (and will forever remain) one of the best, most heartwarming compliments we’ve ever received. Incidentally, Jeff and I were featured on the final issue of MSW Philippines three years ago, but Tata already left the magazine by then. That she picked us for her own wedding is even more thrilling than being on the magazine, and that was pretty awesome already.

The wedding was elegant, laid-back, and tasteful. Tata was absolutely radiant in her Richie Ortega-Torres dress, and the epitome of grace. She and Richie are close friends, and I loved that her dress was designed by someone that dear to her. More of our team’s favorite parts of this wedding were: 1. JV saying goodbye to his comic books with a promise to return for them. Haha. 2. One of the bridesmaids said Tata’s mom looked so beautiful in her dress. Her father said, “She looks as beautiful as the day I met her.” and 3. Finding out that JV’s mom knew Tata was the one JV was going to spend the rest of his life with the moment she met her.

Thank you for the immense trust, JV and Tata! I love the comfort and ease with which you move together, like you’ve been together for lifetimes, and yet still look at each other the way you do, as if there’s nobody else in the room. My heart is happy going through your photos. There was overflowing happiness and love at your wedding, and the high, to this day, remains. Much love to you both! ♥

Tanjuatco-Mapa 02Tanjuatco-Mapa 03Tanjuatco-Mapa 04Tanjuatco-Mapa 05Tanjuatco-Mapa 06Tanjuatco-Mapa 07Tanjuatco-Mapa 08Tanjuatco-Mapa 09Tanjuatco-Mapa 10Tanjuatco-Mapa 11Tanjuatco-Mapa 12Tanjuatco-Mapa 14Tanjuatco-Mapa 15Tanjuatco-Mapa 16Tanjuatco-Mapa 17Tanjuatco-Mapa 18Tanjuatco-Mapa 19Tanjuatco-Mapa 20Tanjuatco-Mapa 22Tanjuatco-Mapa 27Tanjuatco-Mapa 23Tanjuatco-Mapa 24Tanjuatco-Mapa 25Tanjuatco-Mapa 26Tanjuatco-Mapa 28Tanjuatco-Mapa 29Tanjuatco-Mapa 30Tanjuatco-Mapa 31Tanjuatco-Mapa 32Tanjuatco-Mapa 33Tanjuatco-Mapa 34Tanjuatco-Mapa 35Tanjuatco-Mapa 36Tanjuatco-Mapa 37Tanjuatco-Mapa 38Tanjuatco-Mapa 39Tanjuatco-Mapa 40Tanjuatco-Mapa 41Tanjuatco-Mapa 42Tanjuatco-Mapa 43Tanjuatco-Mapa 45Tanjuatco-Mapa 47Tanjuatco-Mapa 48Tanjuatco-Mapa 49Tanjuatco-Mapa 50Tanjuatco-Mapa 51Tanjuatco-Mapa 52Tanjuatco-Mapa 53Tanjuatco-Mapa 54Tanjuatco-Mapa 55Tanjuatco-Mapa 56Tanjuatco-Mapa 57Tanjuatco-Mapa 58Tanjuatco-Mapa 59Tanjuatco-Mapa 60Tanjuatco-Mapa 61Tanjuatco-Mapa 62Tanjuatco-Mapa 64Tanjuatco-Mapa 65Tanjuatco-Mapa 66Tanjuatco-Mapa 67Tanjuatco-Mapa 68Tanjuatco-Mapa 69Tanjuatco-Mapa 70Tanjuatco-Mapa 71Tanjuatco-Mapa 72Tanjuatco-Mapa 73Tanjuatco-Mapa 74Tanjuatco-Mapa 75Tanjuatco-Mapa 76

Church: Montecito Chapel, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa | Reception venue: Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club | Planner: The 3rd Party | Hair and makeup: Ren Bautista | Entourage Flowers and VIP table styling: Zenas Pineda | Catering and reception styling: Cibo | Junior bridesmaid and flower girl dresses by Ria Sebastian | Invitation design: Dang Sering | Cake by Karla Hernandez of The Dessert Fairy | Bridal gown and entourage dresses by Richie Ortega-Torres | More of this wedding on the October issue of Town & Country Philippines

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