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Carlo and Angel’s Iloilo Wedding

Iloilo wedding 01

He writes her letters. In longhand. And on their wedding day, this —

“Then, ‘love’ was a fleeting concept. It came and went as it pleased. But with you, my heart stayed put… The beating of my heart became less erratic and is now more precise, like a pendulum swinging with a purpose: to signal each passing second of time. And it is with each heartbeat that I know that I am closer to you.”

Iloilo wedding 02

On that day, he gave her red roses for the first time.
There is something about the way he loves her that makes her light up the entire room.

Iloilo wedding 03Iloilo wedding 04

Carlo and Angel, thank you for sharing your stories with us! I love how every little gesture had meaning. Thank you as well for the thought and care that went into making our travel arrangements. Angel, you are the sweetest! And so radiant in your Veluz dress. Iloilo was wonderful for us and our team, and we truly felt the love. Wishing you the best on your many adventures to come! ♥

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Bridal preps: Diversion 21 Hotel | Church: Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral | Reception venue: Royal Garden Hall | Dress: Veluz | Hair and Makeup: Carlos Durana | Entourage dresses: Djohn Clement | Planner: Dennis Ochoa | Videographer: Mayad Studios

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