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Love Letters

Jeff and Lisa, thank you thank you thank you so much! It was so worth it to move our wedding to today just to have you as our supplier! I couldn’t ask for more. Watching the slideshow was magical, made me fall more in love with Karen. Thank you so much!

Alric and Karen

Thank you so much to you and Jeff for being part of our lives. Ants and I can only do our best to be as great a team as you guys are, both as professionals and as husband and wife, and future parents. We are eternally grateful. :)

Carla and Ants

Hi Jeff and Lisa,

Just went through your website and it bought back a milion beautiful memories. Each time i look at the photos I am am in awe of how you always capture the most intimate moments. My favourite is the one when you caught me and Max and Cyril at the table at night, there are no words.

Thank you and I hope our paths cross again one day, maybe an anniversary at the Amanpulo, who knows. 1000 kisses to you and your little boy.

Linda (and Cyril)

Our family is so overwhelmed with the onsite AVP and we can’t wait to see our pictures. Thank you so much Jeff and Lisa! What makes your pictures exquisitely beautiful is not only your talent but also the heart you put in it. We love you.

Andee (and Mark)

To our favorite photographers Jeff & Lisa Llarena,

Simply, you are amazing. You have an incredible eye to capture the love and emotion of the entire day. Not to mention a dream to work with. The photos are beautiful. Every. Single. One. We had so much fun working with you guys. Thank you and see you on 12.13.14!

Lau & Che

Dear Jeff and Lisa,

Thank you so much for making our wedding day fun and memorable for both Len and me. We had an absolute blast having you by our side and it almost felt like you were part of our family. I really did feel taken care of by you and your team. As for the pictures… just timeless. We will surely have the most wonderful memories of our special day thanks to you guys.

Midge (and Lennard)

We can’t thank you enough for this shoot! I’ve been blogging about weddings for the past year but it’s always different when it is about my own love. You guys have touched us forever. A piece of art that I can show to my family, my future kids, and friends on how it is about our own love. Maybe some people don’t know us, but hey, I’m sure the feeling of it is encountered.

I’ve followed this website long ago. Introduced by my boss. I know you’ve seen it from our conversations how I’m such a fan. Even memorising the stories, name of couple, and every place. There is something you guys are so good at – Partaking love in another level. Your photos & words moved me the first time. I remember how I got myself having a tear in my eye with photos of strangers in love.

You guys shoot people with so much passion and we are very lucky to be one of them. We love you!

Therese & Christian

Dear Jeff & Lisa,

Thanks a lot for the beautiful pictures! You two did an amazing job! Our personality is indeed well captured by your work. You have such an aesthetic touch that everything ranging from the pictures to little details like the wooden box and the ribbon all reflect your good taste. We are very grateful!

Kevin & Peggy

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The photos arrived and they are wonderful, perfect, great. We have a few days ahead of sorting them out and printing etc and we look forward to it. The night shots are just fantastic and you captured the moments perfectly.

We are so happy and I loved the way it was all packaged so beautifully.

Thanks again, you truly have a wonderful job making people so happy and giving them memories for life. You both were a perfect choice for this.

Linda (and Cyril)

I cannot be grateful enough to you Jeff and Lisa. You made our wedding more than I expected it to be. When Alain and I were just going out, he promised to give me my dream wedding. I could say he did through you guys! I am happy that you were a part of the happiest day of our life. I remember I was on my feet after I watched the photos in the reception, clapping because I was so happy for the result. Thank you again, Jeff and Lisa.

Kathy Grace (and Alain)

Dear Jeff and Lisa,

Thank you. Ron and I are truly blessed to have had the chance to have you an your team take photos of our special day. We haven’t even looked at all the photos but we are already in years as if it was the wedding day again.

Thank you so much for capturing every moment and beautiful aspect of the day.

Wishing you both nothing but the best (which we know won’t be hard as to us you guys are the best) and may you have many more years of success and inspiration to others.

Much love
MJ & Ron

Jeff & Lisa, no words can express my deepest gratitude! You did such a good job. I want to get married all over again!
…You are the epitome of love! You have such an amazing job – to see the love shared between two people, even in the most subtle ways. Not everyone has that eye, and you and Jeff certainly do and that says a lot about the kind of hearts you have!

Melissa (and John)

Hi Jeff and Lisa!

We are back in Dubai and still on a wedding high! We just want to thank you both for being part of the most special day of our lives. You probably receive hundreds of emails like this but really, thank you!!! We are currently busy moving in to our new flat and just last night while we were taking measurements of the unit, Jimbo and I were like “Ah itong wall na ito for our Jeff and Lisa portraits”. Haha. Everyone was so impressed with the AVP and looking forward to the rest.

I’m not sure if I told you before that I always loved weddings and I have bookmarked every local supplier, blog, wedding resource site there is! So when I got engaged, kulang na lang ilabas ko na excel file ko with all the details haha. when it was time to book a photographer, believe it or not, I only emailed you. I only saw one entry in your blog and I just knew I had to get you.

I just wanted to express how lucky and grateful we are to have met you both. Now I can really say that next to picking Jimbo as my partner in life, I made the best choice by booking the best and kindest photographers!

Lian (and Jimbo)

Thank you so much for doing an awesome job with our pictures. I know that we’ve only seen a few from the SDE but we’re already very, very thankful for the beautiful pictures that you guys took. You really are the perfect choice for our wedding photographers. The pictures that we’ve seen so far captured the emotions and told the story of how our wedding went. We keep on playing the SDE over and over and we still smile (and get teary eyed) every time we watch it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (I sound like a broken record, I know, but that’s just how thankful we are for the pictures.)

Thank you also for your patience with us. As we’ve told you before, we really aren’t too comfortable with poses, we get conscious, we get nervous etc. etc. But you guys were able to work through it. Galing talaga!

Guests, families and friends are telling us that the pictures from the SDE are beautiful. And we’re very proud to tell them every time that our photogs are Jeff and Lisa. Dennis and I are now even more excited with the rest of the pictures and the book.


Dear Jeff and Lisa,

Thank you so much for featuring our wedding in your blog. It was such a pleasant surprise and we feel touched to know that you had fond memories of our special day.

Just would like you guys to know that you did such a wonderful job. It felt very natural having you guys there and I sincerely felt I was just talking with long lost friends. You made us and our families feel at ease and comfortable during the entire affair. It is such a delight to look back at the candid and intimate pictures you captured of our special day. And special thanks to you Lisa for creating such a beautiful and touching photo slideshow. It is a reminder of how fortunate I am to have such a warm, loving and supportive family and how lucky I am to have found and finally married my best friend. It is truly very precious to me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you both for capturing depth, laughter and sincerity in our union. Steve and I wish you continued success and a blessed family life.


It was such a huge relief to see that we ARE capable of getting comfortable in front of the camera together and just being us. What amazes me most is just how much of “us” is in these shots. I look at them and smile because so many of them capture just how happy Ev makes me and how I beam whenever I’m in his presence. Then there are other photos that capture the special way that Evan looks at me – whether in the morning, the evening or all the times in between. I am just so grateful for that, and I’m sure Evan will be too.

Like I said in the days leading up to our shoot, if there is anyone who can capture everything that goes into being “us”, it’s you and Jeff. Thank you so much for this preview of what’s to come in December! I am now, even more excited than ever.


I was so amazed by how you were able to describe us so truthfully by just simply taking our pictures… Thank you, thank you. – Sarah

I got them this morning, I was post call. I couldn’t sleep!!! I’ve been browsing and picking my favorite photos since this morning. We love, love, love them!! Thank you! They’re so awesome I have to print out several hundreds more to show everyone.

The shot from the back of the Jaguar was our favorite of all! I imagined it would come out that way!


Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos!  We absolutely loved them!  Everyone who has seen them also had nothing but praises… keep going back to the photos and they seem even prettier each time. Brought the boxed prints everywhere with me for a few days just to show them off. Haha!


Jeff and Lisa,

It had been a challenge for a bride planning a wedding from halfway around the world. My wish to have a close to perfect wedding, the kind that we really wanted, proved to be very, very stressful. I had spent months fretting over the littlest details, and bawled over a lot of things. When I felt that things weren’t going the way I planned, or when I felt that I made the wrong decision about something, I’d just go to your website and that made me feel a whole lot better. Whenever I saw your pictures, I was reassured that I had done something right and that our pictures, after all the planning and stuff, are all that would matter. I am glad that I found you guys while I was surfing the net.

We are both very happy and the pictures are exactly what we both wanted. Thank you very much.


Ciao, Jeff and Lisa!

We are so happy and crazy about the wedding pictures. They’re AWESOME!!!.
I don’t know how you guys do it, but you guys just simply catch the moments.
Thank you, Jeff and Lisa! We really love your work!

Aaron & Chezia

Good morning, Jeff and Lisa. Thank you so, so much! Love, love the photo slideshow and cannot wait to see the rest of the photos. You both were able to capture the moment very well. Really had a great time working with you both. Thank you so so much! – Cate, via text

Jeff and Lisa, we just want to commend you on the quality of your work – it really shows your talent, skills and experience in capturing the mood, emotions and sentiments during our wedding day. We really love your touch in our on-site photo slideshow… My young nephews and nieces likes watching it and even singing along with it! Joyce and I will treasure those memories along with your photographs for the rest of our lives. – Ferdy

Wow… Thanks again so much!! Can’t hold my tears every time I look at it. Iyakin talaga. Hahaha! My mom and mom-in-law said you guys were able to capture the true and real moments. Ferdy and I totally agree!! Thanks again! – Joyce

Thanks, Lisa. Had a great time during the shoot. You and Jeff are the best. Love the photos. Hope to work with you guys again soon, maybe a first wedding anniversary shoot. – Mimi

Hey Jeff and Lisa!! I feel like I still haven’t said it enough, BIG THANKS to you guys! We absolutely had a blast too, although for a time it felt like I was on auto-pilot. Hahaha!! It was just hysterical and we’re super happy you got a snapshot of each moment, pure happiness! We love you guys and missing you a whole lot! It’s a blessing to have you in our lives. =) – Kirsten

Super thank you for the wonderful photos, Jeff & Lisa!!! We are very honored that you featured our wedding in your blog. =) Thanks so much for making us feel comfortable in front of the camera, all the more make us kiss several times! Kayo lang ang nakapagpagawa nun sa amin in our “so many years” of being together. Hahaha! – Rose

I just really wanna thank the both of you for making our day truly special – siguro madalas nyo ng naririnig yan from all your couples, but truly, I don’t think I can ever express in words exactly how happy you guys have made me and Nep feel.

My only regret was not getting you guys for our prenup – I’m sure we’d have had a blast!!!

I don’t know when our paths will cross again, but I will never ever forget all your help and for immortalising our day.


Hi Jeff and Lisa! Oh my gosh, I cant believe the wedding, the picture taking, the preparations are all over! I’m still on a wedding high! I want more!!!! Hahaha. Thank you so much for the most awesome pictures ever! They are all so beautiful. You two were… just perfect! Best photographers ever! You made it so so easy for us to be natural. There was not an awkward or uncomfortable moment, we were able to be ourselves as if there was no one photographing us! I LOVE YOU TWO FOR DOCUMENTING OUR LOVE!

Love, Rej