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  • We are Jeff and Lisa, wedding photographers, husband and wife, and the best of friends. We share our home with way too many books, never enough records, and a 4-year-old adventurer named Corwin. Find out more about us here.

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    Destination shoot schedule: HONG KONG, March 7-10 | SYDNEY, March 26 - April 2 | TOKYO, April 18-26.
    Email us at info at jeffandlisaphotography.com for more details.

What We Do

If there’s anything in the world we are as passionate about as we are with each other, it’s photography. It’s not merely about creating technically sound images. It’s about seeing the beauty in the little things, and capturing the essence of the moment. It’s about being in tune with the mood and feel of people and places, and being able to translate these into photographs.

Our photographic style for weddings is mostly documentary, candid and unobtrusive. We capture the moments that matter, in all their raw emotion and honesty, at their most beautiful. We take the requisite formal shots but for the most part, we just stand back and let things happen naturally. Our aesthetics lean towards the intimate and the subtle. We are a young couple with a soft spot for vintage charms, and this lends a distinct quality to our work.

It’s about a point of view, how one sees the world. It’s about pictures that make you wish you were there. It’s about photographs that tell stories, real stories. It’s about images that make you feel. It’s about inspiration, passion, bliss.

It’s about the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.


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