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Ivan and Isabel 64

So, what do you do when you realize the love of your life is 13,688 kilometers away from you? Simple. You follow her. And if you’re lucky, like Ivan, someday you’ll watch her walk down the aisle to you.

Ivan and Isabel tied the knot in an elegant affair at Santuario de San Antonio and The Peninsula Manila. We’re quite familiar with Ivan’s family already, having shot his sister’s wedding just a few months prior. It was so wonderful to see everyone again, and it felt like we were among friends.

I remember arriving at Isabel’s home bright and early. Jeff and the boys in our team were shooting already, and I was setting up my laptop for editing the slideshow when I heard muffled screaming in the distance. Worried that something was wrong, I ran out to find the lovely bride looking at her bouquet. I asked her if everything was okay, and she told me she was a little bit nervous, but she said it with a genuinely sweet smile, and a twinkle in her eye, looking as adorable and put together as ever. Haha.

Overflowing love, happiness, and insanely good drinks at this wedding. Ivan and Isabel, you guys and your families are awesome, and it was such a treat, being there with you that day. Much love, always.

Ivan and Isabel 02Ivan and Isabel 03Ivan and Isabel 04Ivan and Isabel 05Ivan and Isabel 06Ivan and Isabel 07Ivan and Isabel 08Ivan and Isabel 09Ivan and Isabel 10Ivan and Isabel 11Ivan and Isabel 12Ivan and Isabel 13Ivan and Isabel 14Ivan and Isabel 15Ivan and Isabel 16Ivan and Isabel 17Ivan and Isabel 18Ivan and Isabel 19Ivan and Isabel 20Ivan and Isabel 21Ivan and Isabel 22Ivan and Isabel 23Ivan and Isabel 24Ivan and Isabel 25Ivan and Isabel 26Ivan and Isabel 27Ivan and Isabel 28Ivan and Isabel 29Ivan and Isabel 30Ivan and Isabel 31Ivan and Isabel 32Ivan and Isabel 33Ivan and Isabel 34Ivan and Isabel 35Ivan and Isabel 36Ivan and Isabel 37Ivan and Isabel 38Ivan and Isabel 39Ivan and Isabel 40Ivan and Isabel 41Ivan and Isabel 42Ivan and Isabel 43Ivan and Isabel 44Ivan and Isabel 45Ivan and Isabel 46Ivan and Isabel 47Ivan and Isabel 48Ivan and Isabel 49Ivan and Isabel 50Ivan and Isabel 51Ivan and Isabel 52Ivan and Isabel 53Ivan and Isabel 54Ivan and Isabel 55Ivan and Isabel 56Ivan and Isabel 57Ivan and Isabel 58Ivan and Isabel 59Ivan and Isabel 60Ivan and Isabel 61Ivan and Isabel 62Ivan and Isabel 63Ivan and Isabel 01Ivan and Isabel 65Ivan and Isabel 66Ivan and Isabel 67Ivan and Isabel 68Ivan and Isabel 69Ivan and Isabel 70Ivan and Isabel 71Ivan and Isabel 72Ivan and Isabel 73Ivan and Isabel 74

Ceremony: Santuario de San Antonio | Reception: The Peninsula Manila | Coordinator: JP Montilla | Makeup Artist: Lourd Ramos | Bridal gown: Rosa Clara | Flowers: Zenas Pineda | Video: Ian Cruz Films

Lennard and Midge 00

Jeff and I met Midge over Skype and just fell in love with her. You can just feel her friendliness and warmth right away. Some people take some time to be comfortable with, and that’s fine, too. It’s part of our job to make people comfortable around us, and I like to think we do it well. But with Midge, it was easy and natural. And meeting her in person on her wedding day for the first time, I felt like we’ve been friends for years. Also, I did not want to stop taking pictures of her. Seriously. I could have shot her for days.

Lennard and Midge together is pretty much the happily ever after a lot of young girls dream of, I think. He’s the calculus geek who’s also a jock and a musician, and she’s the cheerleader and prom queen. He’s her first boyfriend. How do you even get more perfect than that, right? But more than that though, it’s the realness and how down-to-earth these two are that bowl me over. It’s how she laughed out loud when he cried upon seeing her walk down that aisle, and how they high-fived when they met at the altar. Who does that?? It’s adorable! I told Jeff that should we ever have a daughter and she fell in love, I hope it would be with someone who makes her this happy.

I’ll forever remember their wedding because of all the 90s songs they played at the reception. I was editing their on-site slideshow while they were having dinner, and the songs playing were making me sing along. A woman nearby exclaimed, “Ano ba ‘tong mga kantang ‘to?!” (“What kind of music is this?!”) There was a collective hush in the general area. Then she went on to say, “NAPAPAINDAK AKO!!!” (“IT’S MAKING ME WANT TO DANCE!!!”) Laughter all around, followed by an insane amount of dancing. Excellent playlist, Lennard and Midge, curators of awesome things. We, and everyone else, obviously, had so much fun at your wedding. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Much, much love to you both. ♥

Lennard and Midge 01Lennard and Midge 02Lennard and Midge 03Lennard and Midge 04Lennard and Midge 05Lennard and Midge 06Lennard and Midge 07Lennard and Midge 08Lennard and Midge 09Lennard and Midge 10Lennard and Midge 11Lennard and Midge 12Lennard and Midge 13Lennard and Midge 14Lennard and Midge 15Lennard and Midge 16Lennard and Midge 17Lennard and Midge 18Lennard and Midge 19Lennard and Midge 20Lennard and Midge 21Lennard and Midge 22Lennard and Midge 23Lennard and Midge 24Lennard and Midge 25Lennard and Midge 27Lennard and Midge 28Lennard and Midge 30Lennard and Midge 31Lennard and Midge 32Lennard and Midge 33Lennard and Midge 34Lennard and Midge 35Lennard and Midge 36Lennard and Midge 37Lennard and Midge 38Lennard and Midge 39Lennard and Midge 40Lennard and Midge 41Lennard and Midge 42Lennard and Midge 43Lennard and Midge 44Lennard and Midge 45Lennard and Midge 46Lennard and Midge 47Lennard and Midge 48Lennard and Midge 49Lennard and Midge 50Lennard and Midge 51Lennard and Midge 52Lennard and Midge 53Lennard and Midge 53bLennard and Midge 54Lennard and Midge 55Lennard and Midge 56Lennard and Midge 57Lennard and Midge 58Lennard and Midge 59Lennard and Midge 60Lennard and Midge 61Lennard and Midge 62Lennard and Midge 63Lennard and Midge 64Lennard and Midge 65Lennard and Midge 66Lennard and Midge 67Lennard and Midge 68Lennard and Midge 69Lennard and Midge 70Lennard and Midge 71Lennard and Midge 72Lennard and Midge 73Lennard and Midge 74Lennard and Midge 75Lennard and Midge 76

Church: San Antonio de Padua | Reception Venue: Parque al Lago, Splendido | Hair and Makeup: Jasmine Mendiola | Video: Cinemaworks | Bridal gown: Richie Ortega | Entourage dresses: Frankie de Leon | Bridal and entourage bouquets: Vatel Manila | Ring pillow: {etc} Handmade Goodness | Reception Styling: Saso Event Styling & Interiors | Wedding logo and invitation suite: The Fozzy Book

ralph and paula 00

There are people you just hit it off with right from the start. Ralph and Paula would be two of those people for us. Paula and I got to email a bit, and since we’ve been friends on both Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been finding out that we love pretty much the same things. Meeting them both for the first time was pretty awesome, and I remember not being able to contain myself and skipping towards her and giving her a hug. I adore Paula. She’s so nice and sweet and has impeccable taste. Anything Paula loves, I’m most likely going to love. And just as I expected, that would include Ralph, too.

He told us over lunch the story of how they met in Barcelona, about how he told his friend that he was swearing off women, and later, that exact same evening, he met her. What are the chances of that happening?! She was only in Spain on vacation, and he was about to finish his studies and move to Australia, and you would think all that would stop them, but it didn’t. She left Barcelona and went to Madrid, and he followed her there to see if there was something between them. They fell in love, and years later, we’re taking their engagement photos in Sydney. Knowing Jeff and I will be there for their Manila wedding next year makes me all sorts of happy.

They took us all over for the shoot, and that was how we first saw Sydney. Beautiful, beautiful place. It will always be one of our favorite cities now, and we’ll never think of it without remembering them. It felt like one of the world’s best double dates, and we had a great time getting to know them better. I am a big fan of their love.

It was when Paula was in the restroom, fixing her hair for the last part of the shoot, when Ralph told us she initially had slight reservations about them pursuing a relationship together, knowing how far apart they would be for some time. Seeing the two of them together now and how incredibly happy he makes her, I am so, so glad he changed her mind.

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ralph and paula 01ralph and paula 02ralph and paula 03ralph and paula 04ralph and paula 05ralph and paula 06ralph and paula 07ralph and paula 09ralph and paula 08ralph and paula 15ralph and paula 10ralph and paula 11ralph and paula 12ralph and paula 13ralph and paula 14ralph and paula 17ralph and paula 18ralph and paula 19ralph and paula 22ralph and paula 23ralph and paula 24ralph and paula 25ralph and paula 26ralph and paula 27ralph and paula 28ralph and paula 29ralph and paula 30ralph and paula 31ralph and paula 32ralph and paula 33ralph and paula 34ralph and paula 35ralph and paula 36ralph and paula 37ralph and paula 38ralph and paula 39ralph and paula 40ralph and paula 41ralph and paula 43ralph and paula 44ralph and paula 46ralph and paula 47ralph and paula 48ralph and paula 49ralph and paula 50ralph and paula 51ralph and paula 52ralph and paula 57ralph and paula 58ralph and paula 59ralph and paula 60ralph and paula 55ralph and paula 56ralph and paula 61ralph and paula 63

  • PaulaJune 4, 2014 - 7:41 am

    Hi Jeff & Lisa!

    I’m just going through the photos again and again. Cold weather here is picking up (hopefully I survive my first winter), but seeing the shots you guys took just keeps me warm and fuzzy inside. So glad we finally met you two, that we spent a nice afternoon with you guys in a city we truly love, and just too excited to be with you guys again for our big day. Wishing you guys more adventures for this 2014 and beyond.

    Lots of love,
    Paula (and Ralph)

    Happy anniversary! <3ReplyCancel

    • LisaJune 8, 2014 - 8:43 pm

      Paula!!! Thanks for such a great experience. I already miss shooting you guys. Can’t wait to see you again!

      Thank you! ♥ReplyCancel

  • Daylene WilsonJune 20, 2014 - 6:13 pm

    Sweet, casual and lovely… Beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • LisaJune 21, 2014 - 12:58 am

      Thanks, Daylene!ReplyCancel

  • MelissaAugust 8, 2014 - 2:41 pm

    J&L these are stunning. Such emotion in every image. I LOVE your style approach to your sessions. But even more so, I love reading your version of each of your clients love storyReplyCancel

    • LisaAugust 12, 2014 - 8:27 pm

      Thanks, Melissa! ♥ReplyCancel