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Gabriel and Aileen 01

Aileen walked down the aisle to The Luckiest by Ben Folds.

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I’ve always loved the words to this song. It’s odd but familiar, and nothing short of perfect.

Next door there’s an old man who lived to his nineties, and one day, passed away in his sleep. And his wife, she stayed for a couple of days, and passed away. I’m sorry, I know that’s a strange way to tell you that I know we belong, that I know, that I am, I am the luckiest.

Gabriel didn’t cry. He wept.

It was sweet and funny and endearing because he doesn’t really strike you as the crying type, and my heart was bursting with happiness for Aileen, because goodness, to be loved that much is the best thing. And how lucky are they both to have found each other in this lifetime.

Gab and Aileen, Jeff and I had a wonderful time with you! The day was incredibly happy and so much feel-good, it lingered for days. I’m completely in love with how in love you two are with each other, and we hope you always love like this. Wishing you both all the best, always.

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Ceremony: Saint Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish (Magallanes Church) | Reception: Manila Polo Club | Bridal Gown: Pronovias | Hair and Makeup: Alexis Ching | Videographer: MG Digital | Entourage Gowns: Anne Cuatico | Florist: Notes and Flowers | Coordinator: Erika Bergara of Detalye Weddings

  • Wedding CatererAugust 22, 2014 - 10:49 am

    Wonderful! Very cute couples and elegant wedding. Wish them all the best. :)ReplyCancel

Karl and Cheryl 01

It’s impossible to tell the story of Karl and Cheryl’s wedding without saying how much it meant to us to be there. See, back in 2007-2008 when Jeff and I were just starting out, we bought our first DSLRS and lenses from this little camera shop in Greenhills. We were still so young then and could only swing for the barest of equipment. Each purchase meant using most of whatever we had in savings at the time, so we remember each of them well. Last year, without knowing us personally and this story, Cheryl, the daughter of the family that owns that same shop, booked us for her wedding.

It’s been six years of shooting weddings for us now, and it’s been nothing short of amazing. We’ve covered a lot of beautiful, heartwarming weddings since then, and we remember every single one, but somehow this was a little bit more special. I felt like I could tell the scared 24 year old version of me, who was on the verge of pursuing something so uncertain, that everything is going to be just fine.

Karl proposed with a flashmob at Eastwood last year, and just watching the video again tonight tugs at my heart something fantastic. These two are lovely together. They exchanged vows at a charming garden ceremony at Antonio’s earlier this year, and we were thrilled to be there. There was love and joy all around, and of course, Cheryl’s dad’s crying made me cry, too. It’s almost always the dads that make me cry.

Karl and Cheryl, thank you for the trust, your endless warmth, for still being the source of our regular instant film fix after all these years, and your wonderful spinach dip. Hahaha. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. ♥

Karl and Cheryl 02Karl and Cheryl 03Karl and Cheryl 04Karl and Cheryl 05Karl and Cheryl 06Karl and Cheryl 08Karl and Cheryl 09Karl and Cheryl 10Karl and Cheryl 11Karl and Cheryl 12Karl and Cheryl 13Karl and Cheryl 14Karl and Cheryl 15Karl and Cheryl 16Karl and Cheryl 17Karl and Cheryl 18Karl and Cheryl 19Karl and Cheryl 20Karl and Cheryl 21Karl and Cheryl 22Karl and Cheryl 23Karl and Cheryl 24Karl and Cheryl 25Karl and Cheryl 26Karl and Cheryl 27Karl and Cheryl 28Karl and Cheryl 29Karl and Cheryl 30Karl and Cheryl 31Karl and Cheryl 32Karl and Cheryl 33Karl and Cheryl 34Karl and Cheryl 35Karl and Cheryl 36Karl and Cheryl 37Karl and Cheryl 38Karl and Cheryl 39Karl and Cheryl 40Karl and Cheryl 41Karl and Cheryl 42Karl and Cheryl 43Karl and Cheryl 44Karl and Cheryl 45Karl and Cheryl 46Karl and Cheryl 47Karl and Cheryl 48Karl and Cheryl 49Karl and Cheryl 50Karl and Cheryl 51Karl and Cheryl 52Karl and Cheryl 53Karl and Cheryl 54Karl and Cheryl 55Karl and Cheryl 56Karl and Cheryl 57Karl and Cheryl 58Karl and Cheryl 59Karl and Cheryl 60Karl and Cheryl 61Karl and Cheryl 62Karl and Cheryl 63Karl and Cheryl 64Karl and Cheryl 65Karl and Cheryl 66Karl and Cheryl 67Karl and Cheryl 68Karl and Cheryl 69Karl and Cheryl 70Karl and Cheryl 71Karl and Cheryl 72Karl and Cheryl 73Karl and Cheryl 74Karl and Cheryl 75Karl and Cheryl 76

Ceremony and reception: Antonio’s, Tagaytay | Hair and makeup: Jo Chan | Entourage flowers: Jacq Wong of Jacqs Floral Design Studio | Event styling: Jacq Wong and Jamie Espadilla | Video: Mayad Studios | Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te Events

Jon and Michelle 00

The moment Jon saw a photo of Michelle, he knew he had to meet her. It’s a long story that involves Friendster (tee hee), a concert in Houston, Texas, and him selling front row tickets just to get her number. It’s true what they say about fortune favoring the bold, yes? Because he got her number, and five years later, he got to marry her.

These two are unbelievably charming. Jon was the one who emailed to tell us all about them, and the way he easily shared their story and how fondly he wrote of what they have together just completely won us over. He also secretly learned how to play the guitar for months, and wrote her a song that he played on their wedding. And Michelle, she’s this bubbly little thing that just brightens up every single room she walks into with her smile. One of the happiest brides we’ve ever met. All good vibes. When you see them together, you know without a doubt that these two are in love, but more than that, that they’re the best of friends. And you can’t help but cheer them on.

Jon and Michelle, it was an absolute pleasure to document this time in your lives. Jeff and I are so happy for you, and we hope to bump into you guys again soon! Much love!

Jon and Michelle 01Jon and Michelle 02Jon and Michelle 03Jon and Michelle 04Jon and Michelle 05Jon and Michelle 07Jon and Michelle 08Jon and Michelle 09Jon and Michelle 10Jon and Michelle 11Jon and Michelle 12Jon and Michelle 13Jon and Michelle 14Jon and Michelle 15Jon and Michelle 16Jon and Michelle 17Jon and Michelle 18Jon and Michelle 19Jon and Michelle 20Jon and Michelle 21Jon and Michelle 22Jon and Michelle 23Jon and Michelle 24Jon and Michelle 25Jon and Michelle 26Jon and Michelle 28Jon and Michelle 29Jon and Michelle 30Jon and Michelle 31Jon and Michelle 32Jon and Michelle 33Jon and Michelle 34Jon and Michelle 35Jon and Michelle 36Jon and Michelle 37Jon and Michelle 38Jon and Michelle 39Jon and Michelle 40Jon and Michelle 41Jon and Michelle 42Jon and Michelle 43Jon and Michelle 44Jon and Michelle 45Jon and Michelle 46Jon and Michelle 47Jon and Michelle 48Jon and Michelle 49Jon and Michelle 50Jon and Michelle 51Jon and Michelle 52Jon and Michelle 53Jon and Michelle 54Jon and Michelle 55Jon and Michelle 56Jon and Michelle 57Jon and Michelle 58Jon and Michelle 59Jon and Michelle 60Jon and Michelle 61Jon and Michelle 62Jon and Michelle 63Jon and Michelle 64Jon and Michelle 65Jon and Michelle 66Jon and Michelle 67Jon and Michelle 68Jon and Michelle 69Jon and Michelle 70Jon and Michelle 71Jon and Michelle 72Jon and Michelle 73

Ceremony: Madre De Dios Chapel, Tagaytay Highlands | Reception: Midlands Veranda | Coordinator: Wedding Treasures | Hair and Makeup: Chinky Tanjanco | Bridal Gown: Veejay Floresca | Emcee: Atom Ungson | Entourage Flowers and Reception Styling: Spruce Floral Designs | Videographer: Jason Magbanua