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Ralph and Paula 001

You might know Ralph and Paula from their Sydney engagement shoot. If you haven’t seen that one yet, you should! I shared the story of how they met there, and Sydney is so beautiful it hurts. We had the best time running around the city with them, and Jeff and I remain madly in love with it because of these two.

I’ve always loved Paula’s taste in, well, everything. I could have spent the entire day just swooning and shooting their thoughtfully curated wedding details. How everything came together was beyond dreamy – the colors, the fabrics, the flowers. So much love to be found in even the smallest things.

But this wedding was so much more than that. It was about this love that transcended entire continents and time apart. It was a celebration of how these two amazing people somehow managed to find each other the way they did, and how this quiet love saw them all the way through to this day, and every day after.

Ralph and Paula, Jeff and I have never been sadder to leave a wedding at the end of the day! I just knew we were going to miss you badly afterwards, and I was right. Major hangover. It’s an honor to have been a part of this time in your lives. Much, much love, always.

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Bridal Preps and Reception Venue: Solaire Resort | Ceremony Venue: San Sebastian Church | Coordinator: Empire Weddings | Videographer: Bob Nicolas | Entourage Flowers: Vatel Manila | Church and Reception Styling: Zenas Pineda | Invitation Designer: Paulina Ortega | Letterpress Invitation Printer: CraftMaster Invitations | Lights and Sounds: DNX Sound System Rental | Bride’s Gown: Jun Escario | Entourage Dresses: Richie Ortega-Torres | Groom’s Tuxedo: Suit Shop, Sydney | Entourage Ties: The Grunion Run | Hair by Renz Pangilinan | Make-up by Albert Kurniawan | Entourage hair and make-up: Kris Bacani | Reception Music: Bernie Pasamba, Up Dharma Down | Wedding Favor: Sugar cookies from Classic Confections | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Cake Topper: From The Owl

I have this fascination with how people hold hands that I picked up from Jeff. We used to write each other letters during our senior year of high school, and he once told me you know you’ve found the one by how your hands fit together. And while I now think that he mostly just said that so he could hold my hand (haha), it kind of stuck around in my head.

It’s a small and innocent gesture, but you can read so much from it. I like it best when they find each other and intertwine with ease, fingers falling seamlessly into place like it’s their natural state, like every minute they are apart is a longing to return.

Jeff and I love shooting Day After sessions. These are post-wedding shoots that typically happen a few days or even weeks after the couple’s wedding. There’s a level of comfort and ease there, and a carefree excitement that comes with having the wedding preparations completely behind them now, and being giddy newlyweds who are madly in love.

Kyoto Engagement 01

We met up with Mark and Melissa in Kyoto just a week after their wedding, and it was perfect. Japan has always been special to us since the first time we went there for a wedding back in 2012 with our then 4 month old son. Going back was every bit as amazing as the first time we went, and we were happy to explore a bit more of Kyoto with these two for a short while.

Arashiyama, in particular, was so beautiful it almost hurt, and if I wasn’t excitedly shooting these two, I think I would have stood in the middle of the Bamboo Forest and maybe cried a little bit. There’s nothing quite like it. We went there around 7:30am, which means we all woke up before sunrise. There are very few things worth waking up for before the sun comes up. There’s love, there’s light, and then there’s this place. It was so quiet and tranquil and peaceful, and I could hear my heart slowing down to a kind of calm I only usually get when I’m by the sea.

Then we took them to a couple of little streets where Jeff and I went before, where we stopped to take pictures and talk about how much we wanted to shoot a couple there, and we couldn’t be happier it was Mark and Melissa we returned there with. We were having the time of our lives and seriously didn’t want to stop shooting. Missing Japan and these two.

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