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Melbourne Engagement 01

Three weeks ago, we had the pleasure of flying off to Melbourne to shoot Paul and Karyn’s engagement session. We fell in love with Sydney when we shot there a few months ago, and were looking forward to visiting Melbourne. Everyone’s been raving about the coffee, and they seriously weren’t exaggerating. The coffee was so good in all these charming little hipster cafes, Jeff and I were having 3-4 cups a day. Each. Probably not the healthiest choice, but it was just that good. And the food, don’t even get me started.

Melbourne is so chill and laidback, so different from Manila and what we’ve gotten used to whenever we’re shooting in Hong Kong and Singapore. But it’s gorgeous. There is so. much. space! And the views are quite lovely. Oh, and that joke about how Melbourne gets all four seasons in a single day? It’s true.

Paul and Karyn are so adorable together, you wouldn’t think they disliked each other when they first met. It’s funny how things work out. Paul is always the gentleman, a bit quiet and reserved, and Karyn is this spunky little firecracker who laughs with abandon and runs brilliantly on 4-inch heels, but it works. It fits. And it felt wonderful to be taking their engagement photos in the place where they fell in love, especially now that they’ve just made the big move to Manila. I can imagine them showing these photos to their children someday, of this romantic city where mom and dad met, and the thought makes me immensely happy.

Melbourne Engagement 02Melbourne Engagement 03Melbourne Engagement 04Melbourne Engagement 05Melbourne Engagement 06Melbourne Engagement 07Melbourne Engagement 09Melbourne Engagement 10Melbourne Engagement 11Melbourne Engagement 12Melbourne Engagement 13Melbourne Engagement 14Melbourne Engagement 15Melbourne Engagement 16Melbourne Engagement 17Melbourne Engagement 18Melbourne Engagement 19Melbourne Engagement 20Melbourne Engagement 21Melbourne Engagement 22Melbourne Engagement 23Melbourne Engagement 24Melbourne Engagement 25Melbourne Engagement 26Melbourne Engagement 27Melbourne Engagement 28Melbourne Engagement 29Melbourne Engagement 30Melbourne Engagement 31Melbourne Engagement 32Melbourne Engagement 33Melbourne Engagement 34Melbourne Engagement 35Melbourne Engagement 36Melbourne Engagement 37Melbourne Engagement 38Melbourne Engagement 39Melbourne Engagement 40Melbourne Engagement 41Melbourne Engagement 42Melbourne Engagement 43Melbourne Engagement 44Melbourne Engagement 45

Marc and Alicia 01

You might know this couple from their awesome Coron, Palawan engagement session. If you do, you’d also know how much we adore these two, so I’ll just go ahead and skip that part and go straight to the part where Alicia is, by far, one of the happiest brides we have ever shot, and for this alone, I will want to hug her every time I see her for the rest of our natural lives. There is nothing in the world like a joyful bride. She’s completely enchanting.

And then there’s Marc. He will always be two important things to us: the one who made it possible for me to see clearly underwater for the first time (long story. Short version: prescription goggles!), and the one who makes Alicia this happy. Those forever makes him aces in our book. We shot his sister Michell’s wedding back in 2011 as well, and it felt great to be back in their home for another wedding in the family. Patrick and Michell have a daughter now, and she’s such a little sweetheart.

Marc and Alicia, it’s been epic! Thank you for sharing these days with us. We’ll always remember you guys fondly. Much, much love from me and Jeff.

Marc and Alicia 02Marc and Alicia 03Marc and Alicia 04Marc and Alicia 05Marc and Alicia 06Marc and Alicia 07Marc and Alicia 08Marc and Alicia 09Marc and Alicia 10Marc and Alicia 11Marc and Alicia 12Marc and Alicia 13Marc and Alicia 14Marc and Alicia 15Marc and Alicia 16Marc and Alicia 17Marc and Alicia 18Marc and Alicia 19Marc and Alicia 20Marc and Alicia 21Marc and Alicia 22Marc and Alicia 23Marc and Alicia 24Marc and Alicia 25Marc and Alicia 26Marc and Alicia 27Marc and Alicia 28Marc and Alicia 29Marc and Alicia 30Marc and Alicia 31Marc and Alicia 32Marc and Alicia 33Marc and Alicia 34Marc and Alicia 35Marc and Alicia 36Marc and Alicia 37Marc and Alicia 38Marc and Alicia 39Marc and Alicia 40Marc and Alicia 41Marc and Alicia 42Marc and Alicia 43Marc and Alicia 45Marc and Alicia 44Marc and Alicia 46Marc and Alicia 47Marc and Alicia 48Marc and Alicia 49Marc and Alicia 53Marc and Alicia 51Marc and Alicia 50Marc and Alicia 52Marc and Alicia 54Marc and Alicia 55Marc and Alicia 56Marc and Alicia 57Marc and Alicia 58Marc and Alicia 59Marc and Alicia 60Marc and Alicia 61Marc and Alicia 62Marc and Alicia 63Marc and Alicia 64Marc and Alicia 65Marc and Alicia 66Marc and Alicia 67Marc and Alicia 68Marc and Alicia 69Marc and Alicia 70Marc and Alicia 71Marc and Alicia 72Marc and Alicia 73Marc and Alicia 74

Ceremony: San Agustin Church | Reception: Sofitel Manila | Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te Events | Videographer: Mayad Studios | Ceremony gown designer: Vivi Wang | Reception dress designer: Cecilio Abad | Hair and Makeup: Jesy Alto | Entourage flowers and event styling: Nikki Chatto, King Louis Flowers

Henrik and Ria 01

Hong Kong means a lot to us and we’re usually there twice a year to shoot, so it’s pretty familiar, but Henrik and Ria showed us a Hong Kong we’ve never seen before. Well, technically, just Jeff this time. If you’ve been following the recent blog updates, I missed this trip, sadly. But I was getting updates and sneak peeks from him during breaks, it almost felt like I was there. That, and I’ve been having so much fun editing these sets!

They took a few photos in the restaurant that Henrik proposed in last year. Ria sort of had an inkling that Henrik was going to propose around that time, so whenever they went out, she would pat his pants pockets to check if he was carrying a little box in there somewhere. So that night when he planned to propose, he kept the ring in his jacket pocket. Funnily enough, in a scene reminiscent of that FRIENDS episode where Chandler was going to propose to Monica, Ria felt cold all of a sudden, and Henrik couldn’t lend her his jacket because the ring was there. Hee. But long story short, at the end of the night, Henrik asked, and she said yes.

The weather forecast predicted a thunderstorm on the day of our shoot, and we hoped against hope that the sun would shine. Maybe we overdid it a wee bit because it was the sunniest we’ve ever seen Hong Kong by far. But really, Henrik and Ria are so warm and laid back and cheery, they’re practically a sun of their own. I’m forever charmed by how two accomplished grown ups can look like such happy little kids together. When they make each other laugh, it’s almost like you can see the children they were, and I think that says a whole lot. I’m a big fan of these two. Can’t wait for their wedding!! ♥

Henrik and Ria 02Henrik and Ria 03Henrik and Ria 04Henrik and Ria 05Henrik and Ria 06Henrik and Ria 08Henrik and Ria 07Henrik and Ria 09Henrik and Ria 10Henrik and Ria 11Henrik and Ria 12Henrik and Ria 13Henrik and Ria 15Henrik and Ria 17Henrik and Ria 16Henrik and Ria 18Henrik and Ria 26Henrik and Ria 19Henrik and Ria 20Henrik and Ria 22Henrik and Ria 23Henrik and Ria 24Henrik and Ria 25Henrik and Ria 27Henrik and Ria 28Henrik and Ria 29Henrik and Ria 30Henrik and Ria 31Henrik and Ria 32Henrik and Ria 33Henrik and Ria 34Henrik and Ria 35

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