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Christopher and Giann’s Wedding

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Chris and Giann met on their joint high school tour of China, a trip Chris didn’t even want to go on at first. Thankfully, his parents convinced him to go. What are the chances of meeting the love of your life in another country altogether when your schools are just across the street from each other, and while you’re still in high school to boot? This incredibly lucky and gorgeous couple tied the knot last weekend, and we were happy to be there for it.

Incidentally — and this is the first time this has ever happened to us in our nine years of shooting weddings — this bride and groom are both siblings of past couples (Michael and Stephanie, Carlo and Patricia). We were so stoked to see everyone again.

Lots of details here to draw inspiration from. Nikki Chatto did not disappoint with the event styling, and everyone went home with the dreamiest flowers. I still have some on our dining table as I write this.

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Preparations and reception venue: Makati Shangri-La | Church: Santuario de San Antonio | Videographer: For You Are Mine | Hair and makeup: Gela Laurel | Coordinator: Jen Lim | Entourage bouquets and event styling: Nikki Chatto | Master of Ceremonies: Atom Ungson

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