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Lennard and Midge’s Tagaytay Wedding

Jeff and I met Midge over Skype and just fell in love with her. You can just feel her friendliness and warmth right away. Some people take some time to be comfortable with, and that’s fine, too. It’s part of our job to make people comfortable around us, and I like to think we do it well. But with Midge, it was easy and natural. And meeting her in person on her wedding day for the first time, I felt like we’ve been friends for years. Also, I did not want to stop takingView full post »

Jovi and Joan’s Engagement Shoot and Wedding

We shot Jovi and Joan’s engagement shoot at Tagaytay Highlands a few weeks before their wedding. Jeff and I can’t get enough of these two! We hit it off on musical inclinations and a shared soft spot for vinyl records alone, but taking pictures of them is seriously bordering on addicting. They tied the knot just three weeks ago in a chill and laid-back Boho-Rock themed wedding, which was so perfectly them. Lots of pretty details to swoon over, but more than anything, so muchView full post »

Jon and Rachel’s Montecito, Nuvali Wedding

I think it was Jojit, their coordinator, who said that it’s interesting how Jon looks different in photos with Rachel, more carefree and happy, and I get that. We first met them over lunch in Greenbelt, and Jon struck me as someone quiet and serious. But seeing their travel photos and actually taking pictures of them together, it’s amazing how he lightens up so much around her. Rachel’s so full of life, and she really just lights up every room she’s in. And in a way, IView full post »

Nicco and Erica’s Tagaytay Wedding

We remember every single wedding we’ve ever shot. We can tell you our favorite photos from each one, what the weather was like that day, maybe some funny parts, small things about the couple that stood out, and the moments that touched us and/or made me cry. For people with admittedly very bad memory, I like to think of that as some sort of accomplishment. Jeff and I have been shooting weddings for almost six years now. That’s hundreds of couples. Hundreds of loves. We hold on toView full post »

Kicking Off 2014

Wedding season has been nothing short of wonderful for me and Jeff. I’ve been on an incredible high through most of it, really. We hit the ground running this year, and we’re both so psyched and looking forward to the rest of it. I couldn’t let this month end without sharing a bit of what we’ve been up to lately. I’m missing this blog something fierce. Here’s enough love to fill your weekend cup to overflowing. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as weView full post »

What We’ve Been Up To Lately

The past couple of months have been all sorts of amazing for me and Jeff. We’ve been all around Manila and Tagaytay, and flew to Singapore, Cebu, and Amanpulo for some shoots. We’ll also be heading to Hong Kong in a few days for more. I haven’t been able to find time to blog, but we update our Facebook page regularly, so do like the page and join us there, too! The latest issue of Wedding Essentials magazine is out. We have three destination weddings featured in it!! We are soView full post »