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Ralph and Paula’s Wedding

You might know Ralph and Paula from their Sydney engagement shoot. If you haven’t seen that one yet, you should! I shared the story of how they met there, and Sydney is so beautiful it hurts. We had the best time running around the city with them, and Jeff and I remain madly in love with it because of these two. I’ve always loved Paula’s taste in, well, everything. I could have spent the entire day just swooning and shooting their thoughtfully curated wedding details. HowView full post »


I have this fascination with how people hold hands that I picked up from Jeff. We used to write each other letters during our senior year of high school, and he once told me you know you’ve found the one by how your hands fit together. And while I now think that he mostly just said that so he could hold my hand (haha), it kind of stuck around in my head. It’s a small and innocent gesture, but you can read so much from it. I like it best when they find each other and intertwine withView full post »

Henrik and Ria’s Wedding

Starting 2015 on this blog with Henrik and Ria’s crazy fun wedding. You might remember them from their Hong Kong engagement shoot last year. Been looking forward to this wedding for a long time, and boy, it did not disappoint. Ria is so warm, friendly, and genuinely nice, it’s hard not to love her off the bat. And she is one of the chillest brides we have ever had. Jeff and I have been shooting weddings for six years now. We’ve come a long way from me crying at every singleView full post »


I always say that more than just pretty pictures, I want grit, honesty, and rawness. Photographs that make me look twice, not to marvel at how elaborately they were orchestrated, but because they were real, because I found some measure of stillness in them, and because they moved me. My husband took this portrait the other day, and I can’t get it out of my head. This was Isa hours before her wedding.View full post »

Mong and Mel’s Montecito, Nuvali Wedding

(a.k.a. #melxmong; #freedom; Indie Hipster Wedding of the Year) Mong and Mel have traveled all over the world standing next to each other just like this. Last November 15, they did it in slightly better clothes. Okay, maybe lots fancier. Thousands of weeping female fans on Instagram kind of shows you how well-loved Mong Alcaraz is. There’s something about him that’s so boy-next-door nice guy that charms you right off the bat, and being the guitarist for two of the biggest bandsView full post »

Marc and Alicia’s Wedding

You might know this couple from their awesome Coron, Palawan engagement session. If you do, you’d also know how much we adore these two, so I’ll just go ahead and skip that part and go straight to the part where Alicia is, by far, one of the happiest brides we have ever shot, and for this alone, I will want to hug her every time I see her for the rest of our natural lives. There is nothing in the world like a joyful bride. She’s completely enchanting. And then there’sView full post »